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As a historic town in New South Wales, Coolamon is a hub of cultural and traditional events that draw people from across the region. Here are some nationally and globally recognised annual events that people might observe in and around the town of Coolamon.

Coolamon Up2Date Art Show:

The Coolamon Up2Date Art Show is an annual art show that showcases the works of talented artists from Coolamon and the surrounding areas. The show runs for three days and provides a platform for artists to display their works to art enthusiasts from across the country. Visitors can view and purchase artworks ranging from paintings, sculptures, and photographs.

Coolamon Show:

The Coolamon Show is a great rural event that is held annually over two days. The event showcases the rich agricultural heritage of the region with exhibitions of livestock, cakes, flowers, and produce, and it also offers activities such as horse jumping, demolition derbies, and dog shows. Additionally, the show has an array of local food stalls, live music and various demonstrations portraying the region's rural life and culture.

The Almost Anything Goes Carnival:

The Almost Anything Goes Carnival is a fun-filled event that is organized annually in Coolamon. The event hosts several fun-filled activities that range from athletic challenges, dance competitions, and arcade games. It is an event perfect for the entire family and offers fun-filled entertainment for all ages and tastes.

Old Time Dance Festival:

The Old Time Dance Festival is an event that is held annually in the surrounding areas of Coolamon, and it is a festival that celebrates the traditional dance styles. This festival draws dance enthusiasts from all around the country who come to perform and enjoy the historic dance steps alongside live music by talented regional musicians.

Coolamon Fire and Rescue Fundraiser:

The Coolamon Fire and Rescue Fundraiser is an annual event that is designed to raise funds for the town's fire and rescue services. The event is organized by the local community and is attended by the volunteers from the fire service, their families, and supporters. The event includes various activities such as auctions, talent shows, and raffles to raise funds.

Coolamon New Year's Celebrations:

The Coolamon New Year's Celebrations are held annually and offer an opportunity for the people of Coolamon to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one with laughter, music, and fun. The celebrations feature an array of activities such as live music performances, fireworks displays, a family-friendly carnival, and traditional New Year's Eve countdown. Visitors can enjoy the warmth of the locals and the warmth of the town's hospitality during these festive celebrations.

Coolamon is a town that has something for everyone, from bright light celebrations to cultural and historical events, and visitors can partake in these globally recognised annual events, discovering and exploring the town's beauty and importance in Australian history.

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