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Coolamon Danger and Warnings

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It is important to practice personal security measures, be aware of potential dangers and heed warnings when visiting or residing in Coolamon, New South Wales, Australia.

Personal Security

Personal security measures to help prevent criminal activity include:

  • Keeping your valuables out of sight and locked away
  • Traveling with a friend or in a group, especially at night
  • Being aware of your surroundings and avoiding potentially dangerous situations
  • Using well-lit and busy areas when walking around town
  • Keeping your car doors locked and windows up when driving
  • Reporting any suspicious activity to the authorities


Coolamon, like any town or city, has its fair share of potential dangers including:

  • Extreme weather events such as floods, bushfires and storms
  • Wildlife such as snakes and spiders which can be venomous
  • Traffic accidents on both rural and urban roads
  • Criminal activity such as theft and assault
  • Health risks such as exposure to asbestos


Warnings issued by authorities include:

  • Bushfire danger warnings during periods of high fire risk
  • Flood warnings during periods of heavy rain
  • Storm warnings during periods of severe weather

Useful Links

For more information about personal security, dangers and warnings in Coolamon, visit:

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